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Robla Pride: Charles Burgess, Technology Specialist

Meet our tech wizard, Charles Burgess, in this week's Robla Pride spotlight!

As a Technology Specialist, Networking for the Robla School District, Charles' commitment to excellence shines bright. Robla Pride honors those who've left an indelible mark, whether as alumni or dedicating over 15 years to our community. Charles has been with us for a whopping 43 years, starting as a student at Robla Elementary School!

Favorite Robla School Memories?

Reading, teachers, and lunch were the highlights during my time at Robla's schools.

Why Robla Pride?

It feels like a chosen family – that deep connection is everything.

How Long in Robla, and What Roles?

A remarkable 43 years since 1981, covering roles from Substitute Teachers' assistant to Custodian, Bus Driver, Warehouseman, Maintenance, Technology Coordinator, to the current role as Technology Specialist.

Why Robla School District?

At my mother's suggestion, who also worked here, I initially joined to sub for her when she was out.

What's the Best Part of the Job?

The work, the people, and the children - the heart and soul of the community.

How Do You Inspire Others?

While not certain, I aim to be a professional in all I do, leading by example.

Most Rewarding Robla Moment?

The sense of completion and leaving a lasting legacy behind.

What Sets Robla Apart?

Its small size fosters a close-knit community. Over my extensive time here, it's become multi-generational, making Robla truly unique!