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Safety and Wellness » Student Safety

Student Safety

Welcome to the safety page. On this page you’ll find more information regarding student safety and mental health services for students and parents. 

It is part of our mission at New Hope Charter to be a safe campus for students to be able to reach their academic potential. It is the responsibility of each student, parent, and staff for us to achieve optimal safety. 

Please click here to learn more about what we can do together to help increase safety on our campus. 


When we think of safety, we initially think of physical safety. Here are some proactive approaches we take to increase physical safety: 


Before and After School

  1. Each morning we ask parents to completely pull over to the curb to drop off their students. We ask that parents don’t stop in the middle of the road to block traffic. 
  2. We ask students to use the cross walk, this will help prevent any potential accidents. 
  3. Englewood Street (in front of New Hope), has various speed bumps to help prevent people from speeding. 
  4. If motorists have been observed to be driving recklessly, New Hope Staff has contacted law enforcement. 
  5. There is usually at least one staff to supervise the front gate during entry and various staff to supervise dismissal. 

On Campus: 

  1. New Hope Staff and Administrators have developed a Safety Committee and meet on a monthly basis to proactively discuss the safety needs of students, staff, and New Hope community. 
  2. The front gate remains locked from the outside and students are reminded not to open the door to anyone unless specifically asked by clerical staff. 
  3. Students are to use a sign in/ sign out sheet to use the restroom and a vest to indicate permission to use the restroom. 
  4. Optimal supervision is provided for students in class, outside, until they are dismissed to go home. 
  5. Students are engaged in proactive safety discussions to address any safety concerns at school and their communities. 
  6. New Hope Charter engages in routine safety drills to better prepare students and staff in the event of a real safety threat. 
  7. We ask all parents and guardians to enroll in the Talking Points application to obtain any safety related information. 
  8. Student are taught to engage in safe behaviors to help decrease any potential accidents. 
  9. We are open to any feedback from students, parents, and community members to help increase safety on our campus. 

Safety in the Community: 

  1. Please encourage your students to walk home with others if possible. 
  2. Please talk to your children about not talking to strangers even if they seem friendly. 
  3. Please have your students use the side walk and use a cross walk when crossing a street. 
  4. Please have your student memorize your cell phone number.

Online/ phone/ Social Media:
1. Please monitor your child’s online use. 

  1. Please be mindful of social media’s messaging options. 
  2. Please learn more about online threats/ concerns. 

Online Safety Video

Online Safety: What parents need to know!

Spanish Safety Videos: