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New Hope Charter » Message from the Executive Director

Message from the Executive Director

It is with great excitement, humility and respect that we welcome you to New Hope Charter School!

New Hope Charter is a partner school with the Robla School District. Robla is a derivative of the Spanish word “roble,” which means “cluster of British Oak trees.” In the early 1900’s, the Robla area was inundated with many oak trees, and the name was established. An oak tree is strong and enduring. With branches spanning high and wide, it’s easy to see why its iconic image earned it the distinction of being America’s National Tree. However, beneath the ground’s surface lays its true magnificence—its root system. An oak’s main root grows vertically, securing a reliable supply of nourishment. From that taproot, a mass of roots spreads horizontally to supply the tree with a lifetime of moisture and nutrients. This intricate root system often grows more massive than the tree it supports and serves as a lifeline and an anchor for stabilizing the trunk.

The Robla community has long provided the school and home culture that, like the oak tree’s root system, provides rich nourishment for student’s hearts and minds. Working in powerful partnership with Robla School District, New Hope Charter School will build on this ever-deepening root structure so that scholars will thrive. Our scholars will be prepared for a lifetime of growth, learning and leadership. Built on relational trust, our community will ground them to weather and shape the life-changing circumstances, trials and challenges of young adulthood. The fruit of our scholars’ deep-rooted academic and social-emotional learning will become evident as they become caring, responsible leaders in the Robla community and the world.

In this unique collaboration between an independent charter school and district, New Hope and Robla School District share the understanding that together we can meet the diverse needs of our students, families and community. We look forward to this partnership.

For the Children,

Herinder Pegany, Executive Director
New Hope Charter School