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Robla School District Celebrates Black History Month with Inspiring Parent Dinner and Student Awards

Robla School District's Parent Dinner, held in collaboration with the Roberts Family Development Center, wrapped up the district's Black History Month celebration. On February 29th, families gathered to commemorate the month with an evening filled with enriching activities.


Guests were treated to captivating performances by the Harley White, Jr. Orchestra, captivating student artwork displays, and a delicious dinner courtesy of Robla Food and Nutrition Services.


The highlight of the evening was the recognition of student achievement. Winners of the Black History Month Essay Contest, who crafted compelling essays around the theme "Searching for Heroes Not Always Seen," received monetary awards for their outstanding work. Additionally, the Second Annual Ruby Bridges Award was presented to two students from each school in the Robla district. This award acknowledges qualities embodied by Ruby Bridges such as courage, studiousness, resilience, optimism, kindness, and leadership. These student award recipients are available for interviews.


Sacramento City Councilmember Rick Jennings served as the guest speaker, sharing insights from his NFL career to his current roles in education and public service. He emphasized the importance of family practices such as "Always be teaching (ABT)," "Inspect what we expect," and the value of dinner time with children. Jennings also imparted his personal mantras, reminding attendees that "Thoughts become words, words become actions, habits reveal character, and character determines destiny."


This event is part of Robla School District's commitment to hosting three Parent Empowerment Dinners annually, including celebrations for Latin Heritage Month, Black History Month, and Asian American Pacific Islander Month. These gatherings foster a sense of community among families and school staff, offering valuable resources to support children's success in both academics and life.


To catch a glimpse of the memorable evening, check out event photos at the Photo Gallery Link.


Thank you for joining us in honoring Black History Month!